Hello ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that we are here inviting everyone to participate in the VI International Knowledge & Science Forum, an event that started in 2000 and started to be held every two years.

The event this year will bring, among many other innovations, the realization of three more parallel events, these being:

I Binational Scientific Meeting of the Inter-American Faculty of Social Sciences Brazil - Paraguay, which will bring together professionals and graduate students at the master's and doctoral level from both countries;

I Scientific Meeting of the Eurípides Barsanulfo Educational Center, an important philanthropic school for children and adolescents that completed ten years in activity helping to develop children and adolescents in need in the city of Santa Inês in Maranhão;

And it will also have the 1st Scientific Meeting of the Publications Group - GPs, an initiative of a group of researchers from various areas of knowledge and residents in several Brazilian states that together produce science.

The events will be filled with high-level professionals, Brazilian and Paraguayan professionals who organize the events, in addition to distinguished guests from other countries, we will have more than 30 guest researchers who produce knowledge in the six thematic areas of the events: education, health, health administration companies, political science, environment and entrepreneurship innovation and technology.

The events will be held from 19 to 22 November 2020 and will be completely online, in which there will be conferences, lectures, expert tables, mini courses, oral and banner presentations.

There will also be launches of e-books, scientific magazines, an indoor radio, among other news.

In addition, participants will compete for prizes for the presentation of the best works and innovation and technology products. And there will also be raffles for various gifts, such as an international master's or doctoral scholarship and a notebook.

Finally, we want to highlight that the events are also supportive, as we will seek to collect more than two tons of food to donate to people in need.

Come and be part of these four days of lots of information, socialization of scientific knowledge and solidarity.

We are waiting for your registration!